YelaWolf Feat. Mz. Shanti – “Swagger Killer”

12.07.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

The most popular artists are diverse. Reason being, the more ground you can cover topically, the greater chance you have of grasping hold of listeners’ attention. It’s why Outkast can make you move along with inciting beef with hootie hoos and Drake can be found under two different genres on iTunes. It’s also the reason YelaWolf has achieved greatness on a grand scale in less than one year.

As further pudding to prove his place amongst multi-faceted, young artists like Kid Cudi, J Cole and Bobby Ray, this good ol’ boy has released his groovy story song, “Swagger Killer.” Not what your instinct would lead you to believe, this possibly true tale of a boy and girl finds Yela stuck in the middle of a double-edged sword called swag, which does tend to get the best of us sometimes.


YelaWolf Feat. Mz. Shanti – “Swagger Killer”

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