The iPod Shuffle – Lloyd Banks’ “Ain’t No Click”

11.19.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

It’s 2004 again. I don’t have an iPod and I’m not old enough drive but I’m old enough to burn a CD-R, throw it in Pops’ old ’92 Legend and crank up the volume loud enough to blow out the speakers (which did happen not too long after that). Meanwhile, Lloyd Banks is ready to take a walk in 50’s G-Unit sneaks and run the rap game for a minute. “Ain’t No Click” is the coldest intro in almost a decade and serves as Blue Hefner’s chilling anthem where he lines up his critics in a row and guns them down one by one.

It’s also one of two songs that we can readily admit are better because of Tony Yayo.

Lloyd Banks Ft. Tony Yayo – “Ain’t No Click”

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