Lloyd Banks Feat. Jeremih – “I Don’t Deserve You” Video

01.24.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

First things first, much respect to Lloyd Banks for continuing to push Hunger For More 2 even with what I am sure are disappointing sales. I’m almost positive it was Amp I was talking to when the album first dropped and we both were in agreement that his Jeremih assisted cut “I Don’t Deserve You” needed to be a single. Yeah, because it was one of the most radio-friendly records the LP had to offer, but mainly due to the fact it was one you could listen to by yourself or in the company of someone from the opposite sex without shame. The video itself is your normal boy meets girl, loses girl and later comes to his senses type of plot line with 50 and Yayo making their expected cameos.

Too bad he never got the chance to capitalize and shoot a video for “Start It Up” though. That would have been a crazy look.

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