The iPod Shuffle – Lloyd Banks’ “Work Magic”

06.07.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

“You know how I gets down
This pound hold six rounds
I told ya I’d be back bitch
Talk that shit now
You hear that fo-fif sound
Duck when I spit rounds
’cause this ain’t Beverly Hills
You in the bricks now
We ain’t got shit down here but dope and guns for sell
You get your head cracked and n****s don’t run and tell
It’s like we sell crack, get caught head back to jail
We on that fuck the police shit
We living in hell
You better guard your grill homey
And stand your ground
These bullets burn
They hit whoever’s standing around
I never learn
Even after I took a couple shots
I just got me some band-aids and bought a couple glocks
Had to go on a rampage and hit a couple blocks
Once they hear that 12-gauge that’s when the trouble stops
If it’s beef then I’m ready to ride
Just come to Casheville you can find me on the southside, motherfucker”


The appeal of “Work Magic” is self-explanatory. Alpha dog rap at its finest. As the best song off of Lloyd Banks’ freshman album, The Hunger For More, it helped cement G-Unit as a force that ran deeper than 50 Cent. Lloyd banks provided plenty of moxie, but Buck? Those were Super Saiyan bars. You don’t hear emotion and wordplay go hand-in-hand like all too often.

If you never really rocked with G-Unit in the mid-2000s and find yourself wondering what all of the reunion hype is about, hit play and hear for yourself.

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