Lloyd Feat. Wayne Brady & Puss-N-Boots – “Dedication To My Ex” Video

09.14.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s the position Lloyd was in with “Dedication To My Ex,” his collaborative effort with two of game’s magnetic personalities, Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. He had no choice but to shoot a video for the song. Three Stacks verses are rarer than $2 gas prices and there are at least 964,000 people who worship the ground Dwayne Carter walks on. So not putting pictures to what your words already helped illustrate would essentially be wasting King Of Hearts‘ budget money.

But, and see here’s where things get tricky. Actually finding Three Stacks to show up at a video set is rarer than $2 gas prices. And trying to schedule Weezy set isn’t exactly child’s play either. So, when you’re Lloyd, what other options are there? Get Wayne Brady to play the part of Mr. Carter and the cat from Shrek to fill in. I’m not knocking the hustle because for one thing, if you turn your head really quick when Brady appears, it’s almost like he is the rapping Wayne. He’s got the white tee, top hat, the whole nine yards. I’m assuming the cat took care of Dre’s verses since they are considered the James Bond of the animal world – sneaky and mysterious.

As far as the video is concerned, I respect Lloyd’s vision. The man was given lemons and messed around and made some Country Time Lemonade.

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