“Lob City” Is As Exciting As Billed Through One NBA Preseason Game

12.20.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

The logical basketball fan in me says: it’s the first preseason game, the Lakers still have Kobe Bryant which is enough at least for a playoff spot and, if I haven’t mentioned it, this was the first damn preseason game. However, the knee-jerk reaction in me says, “WELCOME TO LOB CITY, B*TCH!!” Look, I have not the first clue how many games the Los Angeles Clippers will win or how far they legitimately have a chance in advancing in the playoffs, if they even make it there. But take these five brief thoughts on suddenly everyone’s favorite team, except the homie Aaron Smarter who is an OG Clippers fan.

1. Dear God, please let this team stay healthy.

2. The decision making skills and knack for big game moments of Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups should provide dividends.

3. With CP3, when Blake develops a true back to the basket game, the sky is the limit. Also, and here’s that knee-jerk thing again, Blake and DeAndre Jordan have the potential to be the most exciting 4-5 combo I can remember in a long time. Granted, “exciting” and “effective” are two different things, but let’s worry about splitting hairs later, ok?

4. You wouldn’t want to see a first round Lakers/Clippers matchup?

5. Please, for real, God, let this team stay healthy.

Now, on to the highlights. DeAndre split the double team of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol like it was a wet paper bag. This would never happen if Dwig…nevermind.

Highlight 2: Next up, CP3 to DeAndre. Just how Vinny Del Negro drew it up.

Highlight 3: Given it was just Chauncey and Blake by themselves on a fast break, this was actually somewhat disappointing. I mean, Blake didn’t even try to jump over a Kia or anything.

Highlight 4: The Winter Olympics don’t start for another two years, but sweet baby Jesus, CP3 had Darius Norris on skates.

Respect: GBO & Jose3030

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