Lockouts Don’t Exist in Video Games: Watch NBA 2K12’s New Trailer

08.05.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

Well, the NBA Lockout’s outlook doesn’t bode well for us basketball nerds but at least we can still turn to digital hoops while these fools toil the season away. 2K Sports, undaunted by the league’s troubles, plans to keep things rolling through rain or shine with NBA 2K12. Last year’s installment revolved around Michael Jordan, his greatest moments and a few classic teams. This year’s game looks ups the ante with 15 marquee legends each with their own challenge. Thankfully the OG Rockets are briefly featured in the trailer. Houston was sorely missed in the previous edition and I’d love to relive The Dream’s 44 minutes of doom on David Robinson. Make it happen 2K Sports.

Each legend’s mug resembles their real life visages considerably closer than 2K11. The signature moves, such as Johnson’s layup and Bird’s J, look much cleaner as well. However my main sticking points for 2K12 involve a game less reliant on canned animations and online play which doesn’t implode around Christmas time. The game drops in October 4 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Plus, as you can see, 2K12 will launch with three different covers featuring Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan individually. I already got MJ on the 2K11 box and Celtics memorabilia is forbidden at the house. Looks like Magic will have a new home on my shelf. Which cover will you get?

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