Locksmith Ft. R.A. The Rugged Man – “House of Games II”

02.20.14 4 years ago

locksmith ra rugged man

“F*** rushing a freestyle my n****, make a better song”

If there’s one thing Locksmith excels in, it’s lyricism. If there’s one thing R.A. The Rugged Man excels in, it’s lyricism. And what happens when you put these two lyricists together, on the same song? You get “House of Games II,” a track that’s so overflowing with intensity and wordplay that it can played from now until the end of the week and most still won’t pick up on every facet of their rhymes.

The appropriately simple production plays a muted role here, allowing Lock and R.A. to really emphasize each line. There’s no hooks here, it’s a cypher with the pair of emcees passing the mic back and forth to torch the beat until it’s charred. And just when it seems like Locksmith is about to start harmonizing and sing a little bit, he takes a left turn and doubles up to send “House of Games II” out with a thundering bang.

Locksmith’s next album, A Thousand Cuts is on its way.

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