Locksmith – “Slight Disgust” Video

04.14.12 6 years ago

Hip-Hop’s intense emphasis on individualism made it one of the most feared genres of music. Its urge to not blindly chase after what’s popular was a quality that was resented by the suits because it was impossible to control those who couldn’t be swayed by other’s opinions.

And in that same light, Bay Area lyricist Locksmith delivers “Slight Disgust,” a wildly creative anthem with equally vividly chilling visuals. The intro depicts a society without music and a boy struggling to get Lock a highly banned item – a microphone. And once the mic is connected, the music starts and Lock shoots lyrical punch after punch. He declares that Obama’s election was, “the day we lost our spirit of revolution,” and “I thought this was a post racial country/Tell that to the black people that going hungry/Tell that to the black people that’s living comfy/They don’t give a fuck about nobody but themselves.”

His rhymes are strong, but they’re not at all meant to be for shock value. Far to the contrary, they are insightful lyrics meant to catalyze intelligent discussion about current social issues so that change can spark. In a time when society is utterly saturated with advertisements and product placement (most of today’s Hip-Hop included), records like “Slight Disgust” that stress the importance of thinking for yourself are absolutely necessary.

And in the end, isn’t that really what Hip-Hop is all about?

“Slight Disgust” is off of Locksmith’s Labyrinth mixtape, available for free download here.

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