“The Kick Make Love To The Snare…”

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A few weeks ago, TC and myself were chatting via Gmail while I was waiting to call in for the Emilio Sparks show. We were both listening to the show when a song from LoJ came on.

We each seemingly took a minute to digest and let the novelty wear off before I asked “Did this mofo just sample the ‘Living Single’ theme?”

TC’s replied, “Yeah and I’m bobbing my head to it, too.”

As it turns out, we weren’t the only people impressed by the sample flip. As soon as the song was over, I got three messages asking me about the track. Well, for those of you looking for the song, here it is.


Download — LoJ – “Kick Make Love” (Living Single)

The hook goes “I love it when the kick makes love to the snare.”

Making love is one way to put it. I’d actually describe it as an all-night one-year anniversary-style threeway romp between the snares, hi-hats and sax that leaves you gasping for air and wanting a glass of water when it’s all done.

Once you get past the beat, though, it’s not hard to realize how this LoJ guy has such a major buzz. He weaves his flow in and out of the instrumental while personifying the instruments as sexy strings and keys.

You can find this track on LoJ’s mixtape, Vitamin Water Presents: Themes Music Volume 1. Yes, that’s the actual Vitamin Water. The mixtape comprises beats that use popular TV Show & movie samples (think: “Pink Panther”, “James Bond”, “Fresh Prince”) with LoJ spitting over them. Expect some crazy ideas coming from this project.

As a bonus, check out how they flip the Star Wars theme.


Download — LoJ Feat. AC and Quan – “Bar Wars”

And for your full listening pleasure, the whole tape…

Download — Vitamin Water Presents: Theme Music Vol. 1

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