Loosies: Webbie’s “Finna F*ck You,” Juvenile, Rick Ross & Tanya Morgan

11.08.11 6 years ago 20 Comments

I’ll take two of whatever Webbie’s on right now because it has him on a roll that even Charlie Sheen has to envy. “Finna F*ck You” is Trill Young Savage musically expanding on (perhaps) those random thoughts that spawned “I got a big dick” and “Get ya hoe, mayne,” only because he’s naturally more comfortable and capable to do so in booth, as compared to, say, a random Walmart. Whatever the case may be, Savage Life 3 should be full on devilishness.

Webbie – “Finna F*ck You”

Did you realize Ludacris’ still finds time to rap, alongside taking bit movie roles and pushing his own liquor? Knew his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape was set to release next Tuesday, November 15th? In case you didn’t know, now you know. And if you were aware, here’s another leak off the project just to increase anticipation.

Ludacris – “Can You Buy That” (Prod. By Drugs)

Also creepin’ on a comeup is Juvie, who’s set to return when his new album, Rejuvenation, drops December 13th on Rap-A-Lot Records. First up, the track “Power,” featuring Rick Ross and production by Mannie Fresh.

Juvenile Feat. Rick Ross – “Power” (Prod. By Mannie Fresh)

Brooklynati tandem Tanya Morgan offers up “Whatever That’s Mine,” the lead single from the nine-track You And What Army EP, which is scheduled for a November 22nd release.

Tanya Morgan – “Whatever That’s Mine”

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