“Louisianimal” – Lil Wayne’s 20 Best Songs Of All-Time

12.24.08 8 years ago 95 Comments

Rolling Stone has deemed Tha Carter III the best Hip-Hop album of the year. MTV has called “A Milli” the best Hip-Hop song of the year. The latest chapter in Tha Carter series has gone cabillion platinum. Like it or not, history has painted Tha Carter III as a modern day classic marking Lil’ Wayne’s arrival.

But this is only the latest transgression in Lil’ Wayne revisionist history. Many act as though he crash landed from Mars right around when Dedication 2 dropped. The fact is, Lil’ Wayne has had a career spanning roughly a decade. During that time, he’s at worse been an above average MC with a grand catalog of great solo songs. After revisiting literally over 450 songs, here is the definitive career-spanning list of the top 20 Lil’ Wayne solo songs.

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20. “Fuck Wit Me Now”

In Lil’ Wayne’s 500 or so songs, not a single one sounds like this. Wayne gets his Twista on to keep things completely gutta. He spits over quadruple-timed Mannie beats in a flow that is completely A-typical for Lil’ Wayne, but it works for the young spitter.

19. “Upgrade U”

You ever see Drunken Master? The premise is that Jackie Chan needs a certain specific amount of alcohol that allows him to be smooth and impervious to pain enough that it makes him a better fighter. Drought 3 is where Weezy reaches that same sort of cracked out equilibrium that allows his wackiness to be a sign of brilliance. No track exhibits this fact as much as Wayne’s destruction of the Beyonce single. He even takes time to give a R.I.P. to Apollo Creed mid-song.

18. “Block Is Hot”

Wayne’s first album was a mish-mash of Hot Boys collaborations that were needed to make records fly off of the shelves. This was Lil’ Wayne’s true first exposure to mainstream success. Yeah, the song was mainly pushed by Mannie Fresh’s beat and a hook from red-hot Juve and B.G. But if you listen closely, you’ll hear a boatload of potential from Weezy Wee.

17. “We Takin Over (Remix)”

So the whole world has pictures of you kissing a grown ass man on the lips. So how does a rapper respond? Well, Wayne cleans off the skid marks from a beat he already diarrhea dumped on once and decided to re-shit on the “We Takin Over” beat. No cutting corners “Damn right, I kiss my Daddy/ I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is/ and I’m his kid I stunt like with my Daddy/ So diss me and don’t diss my daddy.” Yeah, that worked. I hope Rick Ross is somewhere taking notes.

16. “Get Off The Corner”

One of the reason Lights Out is a standout album for Wayne is the fact that it starts out like gangbusters. This track and “On My Grind” keep the album going at a Mannie Fresh-aided rapid fire pace. Sirens, horns and double timed drums allow Wayne to play up the paranoia and pressure of the corner. His hook-writing ability is on full display as well with “Uh-oh you see the fuckin po-po’s and if you know like I know you betta get off tha corner!” being a heavily recited hook in the streets.

15. “Georgia…Bush/Ambitionz As A Ridah”

Yea, “Georgia…Bush” is a great ode to New Orleans and condemnation of the Katrina debacle. But the story is when the beat switches- *duh duh duh duh* “Money money money get a dollar and a dick/ Weezy Baby that crack muthafucka get a fix/ got money out the ass no homo but I’m rich.” Baby’s son proceeds to obliterate the track, rhyming at almost every other syllable in a landmark track that put a lot of people on to how much he’s grown as a wordsmith.

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