Louisville Says Screw The Past, Hires Bobby Petrino As Football Coach

01.08.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

We were wrong.

When we opined last July about Bobby Petrino’s inevitable exit from Western Kentucky (and it was inevitable, correct?), we said that Petrino would head south to the conference that just let its eight consecutive national title slip away. He did leave, so chalk that up, but not to a school within the SEC.

Louisville just named Petrino its new head coach, according to a Louisville trustee who spoke with the Associated Press. Louisville is not south of Bowling Green nor is it a member of the SEC. It is, however, within the ACC–just now swinging its d*ck after its first national championship in 15 seasons–and the program where Petrino started his head coaching career.

ESPN’s Joe Schad first reported the news this morning. Petrino replaces Charlie Strong, who recently took the Texas gig, and brings an already impressive coaching resume with him. He went 41-9 as the Cardinals’ head coach from 2003-2006, has appeared in two BCS bowl games and holds an understanding of the program that no other candidate would’ve possessed. His potential contract will be for five years and less than the $3.738 million Strong made.

Oh, and he has plenty of baggage. A basic Twitter search of Petrino at this moment brings up lots of fun tweets that swan dive off rational’s cliff.

Show of hands as to how many people actually give a sh*t?

Petrino, as a hire, makes sense: he’s successful, has been successful at that program in the past, will bring an offensive scheme that’ll suit the current squad and will coach in a major conference that should, in theory, dissuade any potential jumping ship. Winning and time make people forget that you a) left teams quickly and b) once left them shamefully.

True, Louisville fans, he did leave the Hilltoppers after one season. For that, he will have to pay the school a $1.2 million buyout. But, again, his quick exit was all but sealed when he took the job last year. It’ll be water under the bridge, assuming he enjoys the same level of success he previously had.

This is still funny, by the way:

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