Lupe Fiasco – “American Terrorist, Pt. 2 (Superheroes)”

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Yesterday was a long day for Lupe Fiasco given the whole set of Twitter exchanges with Chief Keef. The situation seemed to take its toll on Lupe and give him one more reason to further his talks of retirement.

Before moving forward, let’s get one thing straight: Lupe knows how to tug at the heartstrings of fans and media. Yes, he’s failed at it over the course of recent years, resulting in many turning their backs and sticking their fingers in their ears to ignore his off-the-wall talk and self-righteous behavior. With the Chief chaos and the media swirl surrounding his music, Lupe’s milking it as he very well should, playing off the sympathies and tired feelings of fans. But now fans are listening again because he’s making sense. He’s speaking for the people again versus previously speaking to them or just to hear himself talk.

At a certain point, the shit – shit, here, being the certain aspect of music and the artists being pushed on the plate in front us, not Lupe – starts getting old. For every get-rich-quick scheme for artists that labels try to hit us off with, there are dozens of artists languishing below the sight of audiences who hunger for their music. Yeah, blogs can do a little and fans can do a lot with word of mouth, but nothing can replace the power of the machine putting mucho dinero behind an artist and plastering their music across media outlets; capturing those high dollar features and production that would be otherwise unattainable; and all the other rigamarole we’ve come to know as music today.

Dear rap Jesus, we need a commission. Or a rap board. Or maybe just a little honesty from the current gatekeepers and larger media outlets to stop supporting wack shit or having the cojones to call artists out when they do monkey shit, word to Pimp C.

I applaud Lu for caring, but carrying the weight of Chicago and all things righteous is the equivalent of having an anvil placed on each shoulder, ultimately sinking him into the ground. The stress and sadness he speaks of aren’t the kind for show, at least not in my opinion. And they could very well kill him… if Chief Keef doesn’t first (lol?).

At a certain point, it would be good to see a Kanye or Common take a break from Hawaii, Hollywood or wherever they may be and speak up. They’ve played a prominent role in bringing Chicago’s music into the nation’s consciousness, and we could all benefit from hearing their stance. As it stands, the most we know from Kanye is that he likes Keef’s music – even though Keef seems not to like him.

If they’re too busy, can we get Twista or any one of Chicago’s rap elders? Mikkey Halsted said he’s the common denominator between Kanye and Keef, so can he find a way mediate or to help Keef? At the end of the day, that’s what this is about, whether you agree or disagree. It’s not about rap. It’s not about rappers.

It’s about helping a kid. One kid who has a huge amount of sway among other youth in a city–no, the nation. Because this isn’t “a Chicago problem.” There’s a Keef in Little Rock, Dayton, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, New York and every other metropolitan area you can possibly name. And if teens can see another teen smarten up, they’re more likely to do the same. But somebody has to lead the way.

Anyway, during his Twitter moment yesterday, Lupe slipped out his long-awaited single “American Terrorist, Pt. 2 (Superheroes).” According to him, it’s unfinished and like so many of his peers, a work in progress.

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