Lupe Fiasco – “Bitch Bad” Video

08.22.12 5 years ago 47 Comments

You’d think an artist like Lupe matched with the premise laid in “Bitch Bad” would incite a discussion around these parts. Well, the opposite kind of sort of happened that fateful day. “Bitch Bad’s” message got lost somewhere between the “eeehhhh” feeling most got over the beat, the fading embers of Lasers’ fallout and his talk-rapping flow. The conversation became pretty telling on the damned if you do, damned if you don’t state Lupe held largely by his own doing. However, the Chicago MC’s intent on establishing his soapbox no matter what typing tyrants may have to say.

Now Lupe’s back with the visuals for “Bitch Bad” for the gallery’s dissection. Perhaps the video will purvey the track’s intent better than the mp3 did. If not then the song may be doomed to “Dumb It Down: Electric Boogaloo” status to everyone outside of the Lasers Party. What remains to be seen is who’ll lose in such a situation: Lupe or the listeners he’s trying to reach?

Spotted: X.

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