There Will Be No New Lupe Mixtape Under The Christmas Tree…

12.19.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

If you were holding your breath in anticipation (or, like me, looking for redemption after the lukewarm EOTS), exhale since it appears Friend of the People is on pause. Reading comments @ LupE.N.D. made me remember that Lupester was/is still a heavy fan favorite, so I understand the frustration. There’s been a gap between released material since his last album and, for better or worse, Lupe has avoided dropping unfiltered track after track. In a way, I commend him for exhibiting a little quality control in an age where artist are usually passing out mp3s like party flyers. But in 2009, fans are used to hearing & receiving a little more productivity out of their favorite artists. To moi, if we’re talking “quality,” I surely hope this next tape and the upcoming album are a notch or so above his Thanksgiving offering. If that means taking a little more time to execute, so be it.

So yeah…no stocking stuffers for his fans for now. However, there are other things to consider, since the guy is training to climb a mountain or something of that nature. I guess he does need a little time to focus on that.

LupE.N.D. via Y2K

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