Lupe Fiasco Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – “$nitches” x “$nitches 2 (30s)”

02.27.14 4 years ago 7 Comments


On Wednesday night, Lupe blessed us with not one, but two new songs in “$nitches” and “Snitches 2 (30s).” Both of them serve as a reminder that Loopy is really very good at what he does. I mean, teaming up with Ty Dolla Sign and then crafting a second song that sounds like it could have been out of Atlanta?

Hopefully Lupe doesn’t read this and the praise discourages him to keep doing what he’s doing, since he seems a little contrarian at times. But, hey if you are reading this, Lupe, remember me? I wrote an essay about how much I loved your “Fireman” song and won and met you!*

* — Gotty™ Note: Did anyone know Jooles was in the Loopy fan club? TF? I’m waiting on a link to this story as much as everyone else lol. We’ll update later.

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