The One Hit Song Lupe Fiasco Was Forced To Make

07.04.14 4 years ago 39 Comments

It’s always fun to hear a rap origin tale. And even if his career has proven a bit divisive in its later half, Lupe Fiasco’s early story still one worth knowing. In a recent interview with DJ Skee on Skee.TV, Lupe breaks down some of the earlier moves in his career.

On his relationship with Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella:

I was gonna sign to Roc-A-Fella like in 2002, 2003. Me and my partner Chill – free Chill – we decided to start our own piece. He already had a company called On The Rocks so we decided to start 1st and 15th, 50-50, down the middle. Young Vice President, fresh in the game, trying to do what it do. Through those travels we met a ton of people: Kanye, Jay Z, Pharrell, all these different folks.

On his relationship with Kanye West and their early work together:

I never met him through any Chicago connections. He was always in a different world. He was in a Hyde Park, Common, backpacker world. We was more in like the streets world. Anyway, he was in that piece. We were more over here. But in Chicago it’s a very small city. Doing different events you bump into people. We never really clicked up tough until maybe ‘Touch The Sky.’

That was even through my partner. I didn’t even wanna do ‘Touch The Sky.’ I didn’t wanna do that. That wasn’t my piece. It was like, ‘I’m over here, I don’t do that.’ My partner was like, ‘Nah, you gotta trust me. You gotta do this.’ Then from there on we kind of clicked up and kept it moving up until this day.

Obviously, hindsight proves that doing “Touch The Sky” would prove to be one of the best career moves a young Lupe could have made. But incredibly interesting, nonetheless, to hear that he was so opposed to it before it happened. It’s easy to forget (for me, at least) that Lupe Fiasco is from the streets, first and foremost.

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