Someone Hired Lupe To Be Their “Creative Director”

03.11.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

Add Lupe Fiasco to the growing list of celebrity creative directors. Loopey has linked up with Higi, a health and wellness start-up.

“The Chicago-raised rapper, currently climbing the Hot 100 with latest single “Battle Scars,” is investing his time and talents in Higi (rhymes with Ziggy), a new health and wellness app.

“The app, launched with backing by Wrapports founder Michael Ferro, calculates a Klout-like score (ranging from 4000 to 999) that combines body vitals like blood pressure and weight and gives extra weight to wellness metrics like social interaction and community involvement.

“‘The dope part about this, other than just being creative director, is adding value to this company because it adds value to the world,’ he told Billboard over lunch while at SXSW on Saturday.”

Read the full story at Billboard.

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