The iPod Shuffle – Lupe Fiasco’s “Shining Down”

03.17.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

lupe fiasco shining down

“Superstar” was Lupe Fiasco’s breakout hit and “Shining Down” was the immaculate sequel so great that some even considered it better than the original. Looking back, it easily was a top five Lupe song, and on some days even a three three for me. Yet in spite of all that, listening to the record now is somewhat bittersweet.

Yes, “Shining Down” is still spectacular. Yet, it marked the beginning of the ugly plunge from being Hip-Hop’s savior that Lupe endured post-The Cool.

First an unauthorized snipped popped up online of young Fiasco performing it live, and then came an unmastered version, prompting a swift, angry response from the rapper. The album Everywhere, subsequently was pushed back and eventually scrapped altogether culminating in largely disappointed Lasers LP.

And in the end, the track was relegated to being a bonus cut on its deluxe edition, and wound up remaining a nostalgic reminder to listeners of the overflowing well of potential that was and still is Lupe Fiasco.

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