Mac Miller & MTV Take It Back To Blue Slide Park

01.30.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

“Slide still blue, why the world keep trying to paint it?”Mac Miller

Draped in an oversized Cosby sweater and sporting an equally ugly stuffy nose, Mac Milly got the 1515 crew to tag along back where it all first started — Blue. Slide. Park. As residents of the area will note, not much has changed with all the favored duck-off spots and playground attractions still very much intact. That is, except the most important feature which is the slide. According to Mac, a few jokers brought out the red paint to sully the blueness when he announced his album title.

Sounds like a perfect reason for the city to have a “Mac Miller Day” dedicated to repainting the slide and giving out free snow cones for the kids. Think of the children, why don’t you?

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