Four In 2014? Mac Miller Has “Four Albums Done”

01.04.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

mac miller

Chew on Mac Miller’s latest cut, “Erica’s House,” for a second–but only a second.

Reason being, if Mac’s interview with MTV’s Rob Markman is any indication, you can potentially expect four new albums to drop this coming year, if he finishes them and wishes to push them this calendar year.

Miller mentioned in the interview–after Markman asked him if he had anything in the works–that he “has four albums done–not done, four albums that have a framework and they have at least seven songs on each of them.” One of those four could be the quote-on-quote follow-up to Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which Miller describes as happening by accident. He gave no indication if all of these releases would be under his name or one of his many musical monikers.

Judging by the sound of “Erica’s House,” the Most Dope emcee still appears to be “weird,” pushing his musical horizons, which is fine by us.

Photo: Instagram

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