Mac Miller & The Internet’s In-Studio Performance Of “S.D.S.”

06.01.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


These Space Migration Sessions videos are pretty damn cool. Mac Miller and The Internet drop off another installment, this time chronicling the Flying Lotus-produced “S.D.S.” If done right, live music can take a song, but more so an artist to another level based off the intimacy factor. The most relevant example I can think of right now – because I was just listening to it earlier – was when Jay pulled off the “unplugged” version of The Blueprint with The Roots. Remember “Song Cry” live? Mannnnnnnnn, hell yeah.

And I could be the only person on Earth with behind this next statement. Mac and The ‘Net giving Watching Movies With The Sound Off a similar treatment might not be a bad look.*

* – No, that’s not saying WMWTSO is the next coming of The Blueprint.

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