Mac Miller Asked White Rap Fans About Their Support For #BlackLivesMatter

12.16.15 2 years ago 26 Comments


Mac Miller ruffled feathers and earned a couple of internet points Tuesday night when the white rapper made some controversial remarks about reverse racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Thanks to BLM, Abigail Fisher and that ongoing, “I didn’t get into the University of Texas because I’m white, not because I’m not smart enough” thing, the reverse racism conversation is at an all-time high. Mac shared his thoughts on the subject by schooling proponents of the argument on why reverse racism doesn’t actually exist, tweeting, “White people, reverse racism isn’t real. Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution.”

The GO:OD AM rapper followed his tweet by dropping the gauntlet on “White listeners of Rap music” (aka his fan base) and questioned their involvement with Black Lives Matter. “Dear White People who listen to rap music … What have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement?” When a fan accused the 23-year-old of “making it seem like music is dividing race,” he explained, “Music is bringing people together for sure. But just because we listen to rap music doesn’t mean we get it.”

Needless to say, Mac received varied reactions. Some people applauded him for being woke, some questioned what exactly he’s done. Others let their racism show and others got uncomfortable with all the cringe-y race talk and cracked jokes instead.

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