Mack Maine Addresses “YMCMB Signs Openly Gay Rapper” Rumors

04.09.14 4 years ago 30 Comments


Last week, a satirical website posted up a story about YMCMB signing an openly gay rapper not named Young Thug.

According to The News Nerd, Cash Money signed Fly Young Red, the homosexual rapper behind the wildly gay song, “Throw That Boy P*ssy.”

The website quoted Lil Wayne as saying:

“Good music is good music. Gay, straight, black, white, blue, or purple. Good music is just good music. Have you ever been in the club when that joint came on? Niggas go crazy when that drop. I had to make him YMCMB.”

And added an a Birdman quote for good measure:

“I support everything my young’n do. Young’n brought Red into the boardroom, we met behind closed doors, we spoke like men, we handled business like bosses. We ended up making him a offer he couldn’t refuse. It’s YMCMB forever, ya dig? We support Red movement and what he tryna accomplish. We definitely support the movement. Throw that boy p***y.”

The story quickly spread through social media where nobody reads sh*t but headlines and several reputable websites began reporting the information as actual news.

President of the label, Mack Maine, finally addressed the story in a tweet sent out on Tuesday.

The end.

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