Mack Wilds’ ‘Love In The ’90z’ Video Pays Homage To ‘Do The Right Thing’

Life Writer

Mack Wilds is still stuck in the ’90s after starring in VH1’s hip-hop drama The Breaks. The actor/singer and crew headed to Brooklyn’s infamous Bed-Stuy neighborhood to shoot his “Love In The 90z” video on the same block Do The Right Thing was filmed and adds in some classic elements from Spike Lee’s 1989 joint.

The “Own It” singer tells Fader he and director Benny Boom’s goal was to tap into the look, sound and feel of New York from over two decades ago and add in some modern touches. “Working with Benny Boom on this visual, we were able to capture the essence of New York back in the 90z, with a current, fresh feel to it.”

Yeah, they did, but I’m so over ’90s. When will the early 2000s get their shine?

(Via Fader)

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