The Grammy Voters Didn’t Want Macklemore And Ryan Lewis In The Rap Category Either?

01.24.14 4 years ago 47 Comments

Words By Dr Hip-Hop

Well it looks like someone at the Recording Academy has been reading the TSS comment section because Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s place in the Grammy’s rap categories were called into question initially. According to an unnamed source to the AP, members of the Record Academy’s Grammy general voting committee felt some trepidation about letting the duo get their rap award nominations. And what was their rationale? Because of “their success on mainstream radio and their appeal in the pop world”.

“…According to a person who attended the general Grammy committee meeting and spoke on condition of anonymity because that person wasn’t authorized to publicly reveal the information.

“While Macklemore & Lewis are up for seven honors at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, including album of the year and best rap album for the platinum seller “The Heist,” most rap committee members felt the duo shouldn’t qualify for the rap categories because of their success on mainstream radio and their appeal in the pop world, the source said.

“At a meeting held a week later, members of the general Grammy committee discussed where Macklemore & Lewis should qualify, the source said. The general committee, which includes members from jazz, country, pop, rock and other genres, listened to their album to determine where they fit.

“‘Because of the controversy with them as a rap group it became something the entire Grammy committee discussed,’ the person said.”

A general committee vote decided the group should compete for rap awards. The source said it was a landslide vote and that veto of the rap committee’s decision wasn’t a common occurrence.

Are they serious? How dare they say that the non-Black/Latino Seattle duo (who’ve been making noise on the underground since 2009’s VS EP) are too mainstream for a rap award. To say such a thing is just downright disrespectful to all those Black and Latino Hip-Hop artist who have done it all to get mainstream success.

Is Kanye too mainstream because he behaves like a egotistical megalomaniac? Or how about Jay-Z, who would pretty much put his name on anything (and probably sell out his friends) to make a buck? And don’t get me started on everybody associated with Dr. Dre and his damn headphones.

As Hip-Hop fans we are experts at picking out who is/isn’t too mainstream for our liking. We know how to pick which artist we no longer like because they’re too pop. So we don’t need some old Recording Academy fogeys telling us that a duo that we felt didn’t deserve to be nominated because of their mainstream status, doesn’t deserve to be nominated because of their mainstream status. Hell, we don’t even need Macklemore to tell us that.

Of course, none of this matters since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are still nominated for the awards…but I can be outraged DAMMIT!

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