Let’s Discuss ‘Madden 25’

09.18.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Preface: This is my third year reviewing the game and it goes pretty decently so far with you guys clicking on it and everything. So this year, since I know heads are reading this post, last year’s review lies below with a few tweaks to see the game’s updates. Lazy? Definitely. And you know what? I should probably give someone else here a chance to review the game, but I don’t plan on it.

I’ll just keep on trucking out a shitty review with minor changes and reap the benefits of you guys coming to the post every year. Especially if there will be no competition in the form of another review on this site. That way, I’ll keep getting fat and you’ll keep falling for it. Yup. I got it figured out.


Preface 2: I like to play a full season and go through an offseason before doing these reviews. And while you’ll hear my thoughts on the whole game (Preface 1 probably gave you a hint), I will say this: There is no reason for me to play another season of Madden 25. Why? BECAUSE DREW F*CKING BREES RETIRED AT THE END OF THE SECOND SEASON IN HIS FIVE-YEAR CONTRACT WORTH $100 MILLION F*CKING DOLLARS SO I ONLY GOT TO PLAY ONE SEASON WITH ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS COTFORESAKEN GAME IN THE FIRST F*CKING PLACE!

Yes, thanks to one of the most illogical off season modes in gaming history, I get to pay for a game where my favorite team’s franchise quarterback lasts one season. Hey EA, don’t suck the fun out of everything in a video game next time, okay?

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