Philly’s Made In America Lineup Reveals Big Name Artists

05.22.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

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It was all done on a hope, prayer and prodding by some of my closest friends. The “it” being referring to here is purchasing tickets to Budweiser’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia August 30-31. Off the strength of having not the first clue who would be performing, let alone headlining, apprehension was near the top of my emotions.

Turns out, I made out like a bandit. The soon-to-be married man himself, Kanye West, is headlining along with Kings of Leon.

Antics be dammed, seeing Kanye perform has been on my musical bucket list for years. My only hope is buddy keeps the Yeezus tracks to three-song minimum (“Blood On The Leaves,” “Bound 2” and “New Slaves,” preferably). Other than that, I’m ready to rap along to every lyric and relish simply being a fan. Not “tastemaker” because Lord knows that’s never been my lane. Not a “music critic” because I like what I like and that’s all that really matters to me. Yeah, a fan enjoying music with some of my best friends on the planet.

And when Kings of Leon does “Somebody?” I might have a religious experience (or it could be the Budweiser kicking in).

Oh, and Pharrell? Danny Brown? YG? J. Cole? Baauer? Mayer Hawthorne? Yes, yes and yes, please. Sounds like a memory and I’m all about creating those.

Update: Here are the lineups for both Philly and Los Angeles.

made in america lineup los angeles

made in america lineup Philadelphia

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