Magazeen Ft. Wale – “My Town”

07.30.14 3 years ago 3 Comments


Wale hinted at a new musical direction on his last album with the single “LoveHate Thing” and the standout track “Sunshine.” Most recently, he dug his heels in and stood up for his team on “MMG Under God,” which had a similar aesthetic with live instrumentation and emotive vocals. The “new black soul” production style seems to have rubbed off on MMG labelmate Magazeen as they collaborated on Maga’s latest track “My Town.”

The dynamic percussion, horns, and organs make Magazeen’s politically charged but sullen vocals pop; the contrast lighting up the track like a police car speeding down a dark street. Wale provides a strong verse detailing the perils of street life, and taking to task the politicians who are tacitly responsible by ignoring the inner city.

No word yet on if this track has a particular landing place, or whether it’s just a random treat to keep the listeners’ attention. Either way, Magazeen seems to have more to say that can be confined by a Rick Ross hook. Let’s see if there is more to come.

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