Maino Feat. Joell Ortiz – “Ask Me About Brooklyn”

09.09.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Honestly, the first two times I listened to Maino, it was for the other emcee on the track. And both times Maino ripped it. Then, I heard “Retaliate” and it was game over. Whether it is sorrow, elation or rage, the man possesses the widely coveted ability to convincingly portray his mentality and emotions in a very raw and uncensored fashion. Though Maino’s lyricism has some room for improvement, he does indeed know how to craft a solid, playback-worthy record and “Ask Me About Brooklyn,” is nothing otherwise.

A couple more leaks like this and The Art of War will definitely be on my list of anticipated releases.

Maino Feat. Joell Ortiz – “Ask Me About Brooklyn” | Download

And since we’re here talking about Maino & Brooklyn, here’s his previous video for “The Brooklyn Way 2.”

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