Maino Ft. Jadakiss – “What Happened” Video

01.06.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

maino what happened video

“Years of subpar Hip-Hop has infected the brains of the masses. A zombie like plague has the city under siege.”

Those words appear on the opening frame of Maino’s new video for “What Happened.” What follows is his diatribe aimed at the artists and fans of the five boroughs as he questions radio playlists, clothing choices, relevancy and the usual gamut of complaints regarding New York’s current place in the music.

There’s no denying the song’s accuracy with its sentiments. Even though he’s not the most deft rapper, Maino manages to hit the nail on the head when he spits “The OGs looking for that ’90s rap era, but these young kids screaming them Young Money letters, What a n**** s’posed to do, I don’t have the slightest clue, when you trying to keep it real but being real ain’t really cool.” Jadakiss follows with his own list of complaints about how the industry’s currently structured.

As a whole, both guys speak a lot of truths and reiterate how and where things went wrong. The only real problems (for lack of a better word) for “What Happened” is that the beat’s full of sonic slug that makes the ears hurt after more than two listens. There’s also issue with only highlighting the problems without giving out any answers or even suggestions.

Maino’s doing his best to lead the vanguard for NYC and hopefully others will fall in to support the cause. However, the problems aren’t native to just the Big Apple so we should all be able to relate to some degree.

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