Maino Recruits Uncle Murda For ‘Real N*ggas Back (Remix)’

06.02.15 3 years ago

Two people you don’t want to see on a late night stumbling out of the Griffin are Maino and Uncle Murda. With their respective followings and street ties, the duo are some of the last standing testaments to the real New York of yesteryear where every borough was a no fly zone for tourists. Banging on their chest bar after bar, the remix for “Real N*ggas Back” will have you doing knuckle push-ups on sandpaper for hours.

Rarely known for his lyrical prowess, Murda owns the second half of the track with a mix of hard knock life knowledge and subtle homage to the BG’s on state sponsored vacay right now.

“I’m gonna show em ain’t shit sweet
I ain’t catch a body bout a week ago
Man, I caught a body this week”

While the coast may not be the sole dominant force in Hip-Hop anymore, with cats like Maino and Murda keeping to the ethos established decades ago, the 212 is going to be alright.

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