Man Allegedly Pimps Out Florida Model After Luring Her To NYC Via Instagram

07.16.13 4 years ago 38 Comments

Women thirsty for Instagram “likes” may want to be a bit more cautious of creeps who suggest they can financially “take care” of them. They might just end up being forced into prostitution instead.

A 23-year-old Florida model spent 12 days unwillingly turning tricks for a man she believed was going to make her a star after the two met on Instagram. Police say Brooklynite Kevon Attz, 28, lured the mother of two from her Clearwater, Florida home with promises of cash, gifts and financial stability for her and her children if she came to New York.

Cops say the alleged victim, who started working as a model in June, was paid $150 in travel expenses by Attz to come to the Big Apple. The woman arrived in New Jersey on June 25 and was taken to a hotel room that later doubled as her prison. The woman claims Attz and a female associate named Melissa forced her to perform sex acts on johns in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey and even placed sex ads online. According to a criminal complaint, Attz threatened to “beat her, kill her or throw her in the river” if the woman did not engage in prostitution.

Reports indicate that on July 6 the woman was able to call her mother in Florida and ask for money. When Attz found out, he and Melissa took the woman to the check cashing place to recover the funds. While Melissa left the store for a brief moment, the alleged victim told the store manager that she was being kidnapped. The store manager called police and they arrived a short time later.

Kevon Attz is currently being held on $450,000 bail and has been charged with sex trafficking, promoting prostitution and unlawful imprisonment.

The only lesson here is ladies should only accept invitations from rappers and ballers next time you innocently upload spread eagle pictures on your Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

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