Man Shoots “Friend” Multiple Times While Filming Rap Video

08.04.14 3 years ago 22 Comments

The newest example of why you can’t trust anybody with braids in 2014 comes straight from New York City. The New York Daily News reports that a crowd of 30 or so people were shooting a “low-budget video” on Webster Ave. early Saturday morning when one of the men present attacked another and shot him multiple times.

The duo were described as “best friends” and were apparently drunk and arguing over who was the star of the group. The 37-year-old victim was grazed in the head, shot in the chest and both legs before the braided assailant pistol-whipped the vic for good measure and then fled. The victim is listed in critical condition and the shooter still has yet to be found.

Look, there are plenty of messages here. Don’t trust anyone with braids in 2014 is chief among them. Even Kawhai Leonard winning Finals MVP can’t fix that. Another is don’t continue to make low budget rap videos into your late 30s, which is almost just as important.

Of course I am hoping the victim recovers, but this could all have been avoided if everyone involved here had followed these two basic principles.

Update: Surveillance video now added and…it’s about as cold and calculated as would be expected when a friend is shooting his best friend.

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