Manny Pacquiao Has 18 Million Big Reasons To Keep Boxing, According To The IRS

12.11.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

Words by Bansky

“Pay your taxes, you ni**as hustling backwards”

Clearly, Manny Pacquiao is not a fan of Jigga Man, as the former welterweight champ reportedly owes over $78 million in taxes combined to the IRS and the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines. Per TMZ, the government alleges Pacquiao failed to pay his taxes from 2006-2010. Here’s the breakdown:

2006 — $1,160,324.30
2007 — $2,035,992.50
2008 — $2,862,437.11
2009 — $8,022,915.87
2010 — $4,231,999.01

That’s on top of the 2.2 billion pesos ($50 million) in back taxes the AP says he owes in his home country for failing to pay his taxes in 2008-2009. The debt is large the boxer had his bank accounts frozen several weeks ago in a very public fashion.

As large a number as that is, it feels even bigger when you remember that Manny left an estimated $100 million on the table by not fighting Floyd Mayweather at some point over the last three years.

Manny is fresh off an easy victory over Brandon Rios on November 23rd, and his official purse for that fight was $18 million. He is set to also take home a share of the pay per view revenue, but the fight did a very disappointing 475,000 pay per view buys, down nearly 60% from his last fight. It’s estimated that the fight brought in $30 million in revenue, to which Manny’s cut is somewhere in the 80% range.

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