“Man’s Only Hope…”

07.25.08 9 years ago 25 Comments

“…lies in Peerless Poe…”

What took so long? Method Man as a graphic novel anti-hero seems so logical I’m surprised I didn’t think of this earlier. I’m pretty sure the natural progression of Fresh goes:

Rap Collective –> Shaolin –> “Ice Cream” hook –> Super Hero –> The Wire

…so we’re a little off base. But it’s good to see Meth coming out as Peerless Poe, nonetheless.

At risk of ruining the story, suffice it to say there is a good guy (Poe,) a bad guy (Lilith,) a love interest (Jeanne) and a super group of allies (the Method Men.) Poe wields an ax-gun (yes, an ax-gun) as his weapon of choice, and has a super-strength power called the Wrath of Cain. The Method Men are direct descendants of the first murderer, Cain, and rally together to fight the evil first-woman-scorned, Lilith (…or Eve.) Do you see where we’re going here?

If you’ve ever read any Holy scripture, the Good v. Evil plot line of Method Man won’t be too earth-shattering. It’s a thinly vailed metaphor for fighting inner demons. But let me be clear, I didn’t stop reading until it was done. Shit was entertaining, if not cheesy. It’s full of little quips that jump off the page in that palpable Method Man drawl that lead me to guarantee he wrote all of his lines — talking about getting dome and whatnot. The character is a smokin’, drinkin’ type of dude… surprise surprise… and it just makes you feel like, damn, I want my own comic book too.

The two biggest draws for the book are:
1) Method Man has super powers, bitch.
2) All of the Wu makes a showing. Yes, all of them.

I’ll leave it at that. Go buy the shit; it comes out today. It’ll be the fastest $13.99 you’ll ever read… but you’ll have this gem in your collection forever.

* Reading Rainbow kid review voice *

“I really liked this book, but you don’t have do take MY word for it. Read it for yourself!”

(doo doot doot!)

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