Marc Goone – “Yung Khaleesi”

11.04.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Can’t say I’ve ever seen an episode of Game Of Thrones or know who “Yung Khaleesi” is, but I do know Marc Goone. However, that’s only because he’s been diligently sending TSS song submissions for around a year. Now, in spite of our previous passes and his random-ass email subject lines, this Goone finally got our attention with his new HBO-inspired single.

Cutting out the gimmicky concepts and questionable themes that plagued his previous tracks, the suburban St. Louis spitter trims the fat over Aaron Zuckerman’s earnest production, leaving only an extremely impressive skill set. Showcasing everything from inter-syllabic wordplay and an abnormal vocabulary to singsong hooks and the connotation of being quite a character, this kid seems to carry the twisted mind of a reclusive genius. One who sits around cooped up with paper and a pencil all day, focusing only on his next rhyme. That old-school approach might seem overbearing to some of you QWERTY rappers, but that extra effort Marc’s mashing into his work shows and is no more apparent than on “Yung Khaleesi.”

Hopefully he can keep it up. Because, if not, I’ll still be getting his damn emails.

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