Marcus Troy x Nike Sportswear x “Mavericks”

11.05.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

True story one — I initially created the “What’s On My iPod” series because of two people and one of them was Marcus Troy. Now, I still haven’t gotten around to interviewing him because we have this preposterous idea about how we want to present it and it requires some coordination. But it’s coming.

True story two — I discuss Marcus & Ronnie frequently because they’re two of the most astounding people I’ve met while venturing online. They’re complete opportunist and see life’s promise, viewing hurdles as chances to leap higher than originally thought. It’s never how a goal can’t be met, but a question of what must be done to bring an idea to fruition. The positive energy is contagious.

And the beautiful thing about Marcus is that he’s a true maverick who garners full attention, but one-on-one, he makes whoever he’s around seem like they’re the central focus. In my best Canadian accent to impersonate him, he’s “ahh-maaaay-zzzinngg.”

“A couple months ago the Nike Sportswear team shared with me their upcoming fall & winter inspiration and I now have the opportunity to share it with all of you. There were a couple of very interesting elements about the stories that stayed with me, besides the infamous Destroyer jacket and the Lunar Wood’s being super dope, the message or idea was about being a maverick and highlighting the defining moment. The stories profiled individuals, athletes and groups who embodied the Maverick spirit.

“By definition a maverick is an independent-minded person, a freethinking individual who refuses to conform, they are eccentric, original and value freedom.”

Take a minute to check out the Mavericks microsite that he’s created in conjunction with Nike Sportswear. It’s a huge accomplishment for a blogger and a brother. And share your story too.

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