Today’s Fun Fact: Kim Kardashian’s Sister Kendall Jenner Invented Cornrows

04.02.14 4 years ago 33 Comments

Marie Claire, a women’s magazine, stuck its head in the hornet’s nest known as “Black Twitter” today when they posted a picture of Kendall Jenner and called her cornrowed hairstyle, “bold” and “epic.”

Godd*mnit, White people. Can we get a day off? Look, we let this magazine cover slide and mostly chuckled to ourselves, but do you know how badly you f*cked up?



This smells like Miley Cyrus and mainstream media’s sudden fascination with twerking all over again.

You all do know that Black folks have been braiding their hair since, well, the dawn of civilization, right? Besides that, there’s nothing particularly spectacular about the non-Kardashian Kardashian’s new ‘do. A few cornrows on the side of her head. That’s child’s play. Do you know what bantu knots are? That sh*t is amazing!

First, a woman who looks like the dark-skinned chick from Zhané takes sections of hair and twirls it into knots. Then she takes them out and there are suddenly thousands of curls in her hair! It’s sorcery!

There are Black women doing things that are as close to magic as you can get with their hair, and Kendall Jenner gets “epic”? I’ve seen better braids on vacation in Jamaica.

Update: Instead of taking the easy way out (the ol’ “we were hacked!” excuse), Marie Claire took to their Twitter again to issue a two-tweet mea culpa: “We didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded. We thought her hair looked great and recognize women have been styling their hair like this for ages.”

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