Marina Abramovic Thinks Jay Z Is The ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ Of Keeping Promises

05.20.15 3 years ago 25 Comments
JAY Z Picasso Baby video


In a now infamous 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Drake commented, “It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references!” Jay Z’s focus on the convergence between hip-hop and art reached its zenith on the set of his video for “Picasso Baby,” a year prior to the aforementioned interview. In a recent interview with Spike, the inspiration and co-star of that video, performance artist Marina Abramovic, says Jay-Z betrayed her by not holding up his end of the bargain that resulted in the eight-minute clip.

Abramovic claims that she only allowed the Brooklynite to adapt her performance art work for his video in exchange for him helping her institute. Abramovic says that help never came, leaving her feeling betrayed and “pissed.” Further, she says, “He just completely used me. And that wasn’t fair. In the end, it was only a one-way transaction. I will never do it again, that I can say. Never.”

So far, Jay hasn’t commented on these allegations, but it appears the video’s depiction of a lovefest between the art world and pop culture may have been its own sort of performance art.

Update: Jay’s responded with receipts and Abramovic has reupped on her replies as well. Thankfully, the beef’s been settled before it got hot in these streets. Read the details here.

(Via Spike)

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