How A Random Youtube Video Gave Kanye West Another Billboard Hit Eight Years Later

10.10.13 4 years ago 78 Comments

Kanye West late registration

Opinion time!

Opinion #1: Late Registration is Kanye West’s best album.

Opinion #2: “Gone” is the best song from Registration. 

So, per the transitive property, it could be argued that “Gone” is Yeezy’s best song, ever. You might disagree with this, but I’m perfectly fine with us meeting in the middle and calling it one of his 10 best tracks of all time. Regardless, it’s a good f*cking tune. But for whatever reason, it wasn’t widely exposed when it was fresh, even with a Cam’ron verse at the peak of Killa’s career.

Thank the Internet and Marina Shifrin for putting the song in the back of everybody’s minds. Shifrin, a Youtube uploader and woman of impeccable taste, made an awesome “I QUIT, BITCHES!” video for her thankless job (a feat a lot of us probably want to do). The video was set to “Gone,” and has gotten over 15 million views since it was uploaded in late-September.

Yes, she’s attractive. Yes, her moves are goofy. And yes, it would appear that she single-handedly got people talking about “Gone.”  So much so that the song is sitting at number four on Billboard’s Rap charts.

I’d just like to commend Shifrin and anybody on the Internet who came together to give “Gone” its proper dues. Maybe now when I post random lyrics from the track on Facebook (“Maybe you could be my intern, and in turn/I’ll show you how I cook up summer in the winter” or “Damn ‘Ye, it’d be stupid to diss you/Even your superficial raps is super official”), someone besides Ryan J will acknowledge me.

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