Mark Jackson Hired To Coach Golden State Warriors

06.06.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

According to multiple reports, Mark Jackson has been hired as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. The selection is a surprising choice considering Jackson’s never coached on any level in the past. Proven coaches like Rick Adelman and Lawrence Frank remain unemployed. However, according to Jerry West and Bob Meyers, Jackson’s experience as a color commentator on television trumps, you know, actually having coached before. Nevertheless, Jackson will now be responsible for the fortunes of Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, David Lee and the rest of the Warriors for the next three years, and earn six million dollars for the pleasure.

Honestly, while he was, at best, vaguely annoying during his time in the booth, I’ll miss Mark Jackson’s presence alongside Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy on ESPN and ABC. I’ll miss his nonsensical catchphrases, his impassioned, illogical statements, the way that Van Gundy sonned him any chance he could. Hell, I’ll miss hearing people imitate him. Dude now goes down in history alongside Isiah Thomas, Tom Tolbert and every other ex-player who took up residence behind the mic for a few years on the national level, before quickly exiting the booth when the time was right. Jackson, however, won’t be leaving until after the NBA Finals, so we can at least enjoy the last few exclamations of “Momma, there goes that man!”

The best thing about this though? Now, barring some unforeseen terrible event, the Knicks aren’t going to hire him. Praise be to the basketball gods.


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