Mark Morrison, Trina And The Music Video You Have To See To Believe

06.03.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

A few weeks ago I’m came across this article over at UHTN which centered around the “yes man” epidemic in Hip Hop. Ladies and gentlemen, consider the video below a living, breathing testament of what happens when an artist’s friends let him run out in traffic with ankle weights on.

Mark Morrison of “Return Of The Mack” fame is back with his new single, “B’Day.” I’m attempting to piece together words that properly depict the past three minutes and 27 seconds of my life. It looks like one of those music videos from a movie and Morrison looks like he could resemble the long lost manager of the Harlem Heat.

So many questions spawn from the clip including what the hell is that weird black G-string looking contraption tied around his head? And do the video girls really put this on their portfolio? I’m not knocking the hustle in the least bit, but I’d imagine being in this video is comparable to a grown man in a swimming pool with floats on his arm. Helping or not, it’s still embarrassing. And last but not least, has it really come to this for Trina? A million more could be asked, but by now the point has hopefully been driven home.

The moral of the story is simply this. Be real with your friends, people. This damn near made me forget about the night South Beach froze over. Almost.

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