Mark Zuckerberg > You

12.16.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Mark Zuckerberg, kid genius, billionaire and inventer of Facebook, has been named Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year. This is a pretty big deal as former winners have included people like Barack Obama, Pope Jean Paul II and…George W. Bush.

I saw The Social Network for the first time a couple of days ago and it really drove home the impact Facebook had on my generation. I was a Freshman in college when Facebook hit my school; we were one of the first handful of schools to be on the site. We were there before the wall, before pictures and before statuses. But when the site hit, it took over the campus in no time. Looking back on it, Facebook hitting my peers and I was a defining moment in our lives. Literally my whole college career is documented on the site. People my age had a first row seat as we watched our little Internet hang-out spot turn into an integral part of the fabric of the world.

So, while I’m sure there are way more awesome people in the world than Zuckerberg, but his creation stands next to the television and the Internet itself in terms of world-changing effects.

Here’s his interview with the Time magazine.

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