Market Watch: Spider-Man #583

01.26.09 9 years ago 10 Comments

TSS never steers you wrong, fam.

How many of you listened and bought the Obama issue of Amazing Spider-Man? If you did, give yourself a high five because these issues are going for upwards of $85 on eBay. There are currently four versions of the book floating around with any variation making some money online.

The most desired version, of course, is the original Obama. These sold out almost immediately as they were on very limited release. These are going for a minimum of $75.

The normal cover that looks like Peter Parker is about to have a threesome was more widely available, but still sold out. These are running for about half the price as the Obama cover, selling for $35-45.

In what is an extreme rarity for comics, the second printing of Amazing also sold out and is selling really well online. Generally, 2nd printings are so widely available that they hold little to no value beyond the cover price, but Obamania has led to even this edition selling for a respectable $25.

The third printing has started to filter out, probably putting an end to the demand for the actual story. Still, the first printing Obama cover is the Holy Grail, with prices probably only going up in the short-term.

How many did I buy? Zero.

Last Wednesday was the -16 degree day in the Chi so I stayed my ass at home, but my homeboy picked me up a copy of the ménage-cover when he went out because the original Obama cover went way too fast, with some stores not even getting it in their shipments.

Don’t cry for me, though.

I copped Thunderbolts #128 on Wednesday, which features Barry in a more prominent and presidential role that actually has storyline importance and less cheesiness. So I’ll sit back and watch the world clamor towards Spider-Man while the value of my T-Bolts comic slowly climbs. Cue Dr. Evil laugh.

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