Here’s Video Of Marshawn Lynch Telling His Oakland Hometown To End The Killing

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02.20.15 22 Comments
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The biggest story of the week leading up to the Super Bowl was Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch’s refusal to speak and the media being mystified by the not-so-silent, silent treatment. It was fascinating, hilarious and made Lynch more popular than ever before.

The strange part was that Lynch is extremely vocal. He’d told his story in-depth many times before and even explained his media-adverse attitude as well. But nothing gets the Oakland native talking more than his hometown, and TMZ unearthed a video from last summer of Lynch in Oakland pleading with the city to stop the violence.

In true Beast Mode fashion it’s full of profanity, including enough mothaf***ers to make Bernie Mac proud. But it’s great that when we do see Lynch speaking this is the message he’s spreading.

While I’m doing my thang representing y’all, I remember you mothaf***ers. But I need to remember you mothaf***ers. You understand me? You know what I’m talking bout? I been losing too many of y’all bruh, I love representing where I’m from on the national mothaf***ing stage to be able to give y’all something to represent.

But I need y’all mothaf***ers here for me to represent though. I’m talking to everybody out there, straight up. Like the n**** (Mistah) Fab say, ‘If you got funk or not though, let that sh*t die.’ Or let your young n****s who really out here mobbin’, doing what the f*** they doing, let them know that, ‘N**** we need to be here for each other.’

So when we got somebody from here, reppin’ for this mothaf***er, we still here for this mothaf***er. And that’s on The Town. On me n****. Straight up, I don’t give a f***.

*drops mic*

Lynch didn’t actually drop the mic, but the DJ, with glorious selection and timing, drops the Bay Area classic “Keep It On The Real” by 3X Krazy and that was pretty much the equivalent.

Oakland is as dangerous as advertised and had the second-highest rate of violent crime in 2014, so this is a message that needs spreading in The Town.

Check out the video below.

(via TMZ Sports)

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