Marshawn Lynch Walks Into Super Bowl Media Day, Then Walks Right Out

01.28.14 4 years ago 49 Comments

To say Marshawn Lynch is somewhat media shy would be as much of an understatement as saying he’s fairly capable of breaking tackles. He was fined earlier this year for refusing to speak to the media for the duration of the season, which was then dismissed in exchange for Beast Mode talking to the press throughout the playoffs. And speak he did. For a whopping six minutes before retreating and trying to stay out of sight beneath a hoodie and shades.

But Neon Deion was on patrol and used his old skills at cornerback to sniff out Lynch and conduct an impromptu one-on-one interview. Marshawn was surprisingly warmer towards him and really made it a point that he wants his play to speak for him and not his words. And even though he still barely talked relative to some of the other high profile Seahawks, his simple words “I’m just ’bout that action, boss,” put it into context, justifiably so. He doesn’t want any stories around him, preferring to use his time to focus on the impending game against Denver.

And with Pete Carroll fielding questions like, “Do you think the Super Bowl is a must-win game?” it’s no wonder Lynch wanted to avoid the circus.

Apparently, Lynch did return to later, hopefully helping him to avoid any heavy fines from the league offices.

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