This Picture Of Martin Lawrence Dabbin’ 25 Years Ago Proves That No Idea Is Original

Life Writer
02.18.16 11 Comments

Apparently, The Dab is much older than the so-called creators of the popular fad dance. Martin Lawrence dropped the gauntlet on Thursday by supplying picture proof he was dabbin’ on these hoes way before Migos wanted the world to look at their dab.

“Y’all wanna keep this sh*t all the way real, Marty Mar was the first one to #dab on em!,” Martin captioned in Throwback Thursday picture. The TBT snap features Martin flashing the peace sign while hitting the dab among the House Party cast, which means the photo has to be 25 years old.

Ol’ Marty Mar also hit the dab again during one of the earlier episodes of Martin. Okay, it’s probably a cleverly-edited clip of Martin laying his head down, but it still counts!

Martin dab

Since taking over the country last year, dabbing has seen its unfair share of hate due to Cam Newton dabbing on the football field and corrupting the young and impressionable minds of America’s children. Then you had Hillary Clinton dabbing for votes on Ellen and effectively killing the dance. And how can I forget Bow Wow getting flamed for trying to explain dabbing’s origins last December. That was pretty brutal.

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