Pass The Peas: Watch The 1994 ‘Feast Or Famine’ Thanksgiving Episode Of ‘Martin’

11.27.13 4 years ago 30 Comments

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Ask my top five favorite episodes of Martin and I’ll break into a cold sweat every time. The rankings literally change every week, yet the 1994 Thanksgiving “Feast or Famine” episode has always fallen in the “underrated” category.

Reason being is because it’s rarely ever acknowledged in discussions I have with others when the show’s top tier, upper echelon installments are mentioned. It’s a shame, too, because a plethora of classic moments are stuffed (lame, but see what I did there?) into 22 minutes. For example:

— Those raggedy ass peas

— A Millie Jackson guest appearance as “Florine”

— The taser joke

— Martin, Tommy and Cole preparing their meal (because that’s exactly how I’d imagine myself and my best friends trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner)

— Bruh Man’s classic two minutes


Battle of the sexes competitions are normally always hilarious. But when they happen to involve Martin, Gina, Tommy, Pam and Cole, the stakes raise a tad bit higher. Between making second and third trips back to the kitchen, between “itis” breaks and between football games, gather the family around (tomorrow) for a lighter moment guaranteed to provide laughs while creating one of the small memories of unbridled joy and togetherness the holiday was created for in the first place.

Look at me crazy when I say this if you please, but I’m thankful for (the first four seasons of) Martin. Life wouldn’t be the same without it.

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